Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 2 Reading

I think that this week's reading had a lot of really good information. I thought that the information about "nesting" in sites and reducing the amount of words used on a site are very simple ways to improve a website by 100 percent. I think that a lot of times, as designers, we get caught up in an idea that we have to make every single project we work on an innovative, ground breaking new design, but in reality, that is just not the case. I really liked the point that the author made about using design elements that work, and have stood the test of time, rather than making every project you make look like a circus. I like simplicity and I think that is what consumers and clients like as well. If something is too confusing, or takes too much thinking to find what they are looking for, no one is going to spend very much time on a website. Another point that the author made that I really thought was great was the example with the Verizon survey and reducing words. At the beginning of the chapter, the quote about cutting in half the amount of words you're using, then cut them in half again, I thought that was impossible. How would anyone get the proper information? But I really saw how the same exact point got across with way less words. It's all about organization, and where information should go so that people can find it if they need it, but every single piece of information is not sitting there on the homepage for them to sort through.
Still really enjoying this book, I think that I have learned more from this book than any other assigned reading that I have had so far!

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