Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week 1 Reading

I found the reading from this week to be very interesting because it addressed something that seems so obvious about design, yet was something that I had never really thought about: Being simply obvious. I think that a lot of design that we have seen and that is shown to us as students as being exceptionally conceptual design was all very un-simple. The chapters that were assigned this week really helped me with my first project for this class, designing my personal website. After reading, I don't feel as bad or lame for wanting a really simple website with no bells or whistles, just my work.
I think that the most important thing I learned in this week's reading is that people are not going to take the time to read through an entire website, even if it is well written and good information. The truth is, people don't want to take the time to read through tons of text, they just want to get where they want to go and read the part they want to read. Because of this, I found how important it is to have a site with minimal text and clear, easy to find buttons and links. I learned that the more simple, easy to use, and organized a page is, people will get the information they need easier and quicker, and it makes the entire site seem better as a whole.
So far, I find this textbook to be really interesting and enjoyable (which is strange in itself; liking a textbook) and will provide me with really good information that I can use in class in my assignments, and also outside of class in my other classes as well.

I also found some really inspiring portfolio websites this week, and all of them have that simple, clean, and organized look that I am going for in my own portfolio site.

 Taddeo Zacchini
Garren Lamson

& my all-time favorite graphic designer with my favorite site EVER
Jessica Hische

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