Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 3 Reading

Even though this week's chapter about navigation was VERY long, I found a lot of the information very interesting and very important to learn. What I really liked about learning so much about navigation was that, even though the author of our book focused on website interfaces and their navigation, I thought that a lot of the information could be applied to print work as well. It is all about putting information in places where people will easily see it, and easily be able to go back, and easily know where they currently are. I have seen many websites where the navigation is very unorganized and hard to figure out. Also, I hate the search bars on some sites, because you never find what you're looking for. But I found when I was designing my portfolio site that navigation is the hardest thing to design in a website because if the navigation is bad or confusing, the whole site is rendered useless, no matter how "pretty" it is. I think that putting the focus on the navigation is the most crucial point, and should be priority number one when creating a website. As I said earlier, the same priniples can be applied to print design, because the whole idea is getting information across while looking well designed and beautiful. If the information is hard to find, or is confusing, just like a website, it will be rendered useless.

In the spirit of our upcoming e-commerce project, I found an e-commerce site with good navigation.

In the spirit of my current vacation at the beach, I looked at the Malibu Rum site and found I liked it's clear and simple navigation
Malibu Rum

I also think that Expedia's site has really clear and concise navigation

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