Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Project Statement - E-Commerce

    Create a list of all users that may visit your site
Anyone who is looking to purchase baked goods online, for any celebration, who is old enough to order online with a credit card. People do not have the time or skill to bake their own baked goods, or go to a local bakery. They can save time by ordering online.
.    What will each of those users want to see in order to enjoy their visit to your site?
Photographs of baked goods, ingredient lists, prices, special offers
.    Name your intended audience 
The working person who wants to have the quality of home baked goods, but no time to execute them themselves. 
.    Describe what you need to inform and persuade them of:
                        Promote my: Baked goods that are for sale
                        Goals of the site are: To sell baked goods, and provide quality product
                        My ultimate message/philosophy (about who you are): Our product will save you time, and will be enjoyed by whoever will be eating it.
                        What is the story you are telling? It is okay if you do not have time to bake yourself, because you can order quality baked goods from 1-800-bakery.com.
.    Write a 200 word concept statement based on the user, your persuasion, navigation and the assets.

We want to create a site that is easy to navigate, full of high quality pictures of baked goods that drag people in without shouting at them, or overwhelming them with offers. The current site is too overwhelming and may push people away with how confusing it is. We want to make the site have better navigate and categorizing of information so that people can find what they are looking for easily, without being bombarded with every single offer that the site has at the time. Our user is a working professional who has limited time, or limited skills or space, to bake their own baked goods, but wants to enjoy a quality product either themselves, or as a gift. 1-800-bakery.com will provide just that! The quality of the product makes the price worth it, as well as the time you will save. The current site has a lot of problems that are overwhelming the customer, with pop-up windows and surveys, links and drop down menus that do not work, and a lot of information at once. We will redesign the site to reflect the ease of ordering and the convenience that 1-800-bakery.com will provide. 

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