Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Application Definition Statement

The Edgewater Hotel – Guest App

1. List All the Features You Think Users Might Like
·       Ability to check in/out to hotel via mobile device
·       Ability to make reservations at the Six Seven Restaurant
·       Order room service
·       Contact concierge desk
·       See nearby attractions
·       View maps/routes to nearby locations
·       View nearby shopping/dining
·       View hours of hotel amenities
·       Map of hotel
·       View menus for the Six Seven restaurant and bar
·       Ability to make reservations for future stays
·       Ability to view hotel packages and special pricing
·       Ability to pay bill at the end of stay
·       Ability to make reservations for future banquets/receptions

2. Determine Who Your Users Are
The users of this application would be people who are staying or who are considering staying at the Edgewater Hotel.

3. Filter the Feature List Through the Audience Definition
Main Features: Check In/Out, Utilize hotel amenities, See nearby attractions
Application Definition Statement: “Enhancing guests’ stay at the Edgewater and allowing them to enjoy every feature the hotel has to offer”.

4. Don’t Stop There
Use your application definition statement throughout the development process to determine the suitability of features, controls, and terminology.
Guests will want this app to help enhance their stay at the Edgewater. The Edgewater is a hotel that has earned many accolades, and this will help guests enjoy every feature that the hotel has to offer. Its design will be rich and luxurious, matching the look and feel of the Edgewater’s luxury-lodge feel. This app will help guests avoid long lines at guest services, and the hassle of calling the busy food services lines. This app will also allow guests to make the most out of their visit to Seattle, and will enable them to find their way to attractions, and then back to the hotel, with ease. 

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